Kenneth Branagh's stylish tale of love, murder and reincarnation in L.A. is as absorbing as it is implausible.

Master mugger Steve Martin (Dad) and spirited Kimberly Williams (the bride) balance '90s sass with the four-hankie sentiment of the 1950 Spencer Tracy-Elizabeth Taylor original.

Quarrel with the man-bashing and the ending, but give Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis their due: a place in movie lore right alongside Butch and Sundance.

John Singleton's gripping drama of young black men trying to survive L.A. gang warfare provides rare insight into a closed world and lets veteran actor Larry Fishburne make an extraordinary impact as a concerned father.

Jonathan Demme's stylish neo-horror flick turns Anthony Hopkins into one of the most memorably deranged villains ever. Just when you were beginning to enjoy fava beans, too.

A striking group of Dublin kids suspend their gritty fates by forming a band to play good old American R&B. They quit feuding just long enough to try a little tenderness and bring the house down.

Bruce Beresford distills the ravages of colonialism down to the poignant story of an African clerk tormented by his desire to become an ersatz Briton.

With sprightly tunes, dancing crockery and splendid voices, Disney brilliantly revivifies the grand old story of vanity's folly and love's redemption.

The year's classiest tearjerker boasts an Oscar-worthy turn by Nick Nolte and sure direction by Barbra Streisand.

A furious, fascinating suspense thriller, shrewdly woven by Oliver Stone and compellingly anchored by Kevin Costner. But before you leap aboard Stone's three-hour conspiracy-theory motorcade, see our Worst of Screen....