A number of sources are telling us that new parents Sean Penn and Robin Wright are spending time apart and not necessarily because work is taking them in different directions. Their relationship, according to one source, "is definitely undergoing problems." A second source tells us, "The only time they're together is when they're with the baby [daughter Dylan Frances Penn, 10 months]."

And what do their respective reps say? They say that until they are told otherwise, the couple are still together.


Damon Wayans, costar of Fox's In Living Color, told us moments after finishing ILC's live Super Bowl half-time broadcast that he wants to leave the weekly show. Was he serious or just suffering from a post-Super Bowl party letdown?

"Oh, he's serious, all right," says Eric Gold, his manager and ILC's co-producer. "Damon's "contract is up at the end of this season. Fox wants him to stay on, but unless there's an incredible offer"—this is, after all, a manager speaking—"he'll go full blast into films."

Actually, the move to movies has already begun. Wayans recently co-starred with Bruce Willis in The Last Boy Scout, and his next movie, Mo' Money, an action comedy for Columbia that he wrote and starred in, is due later this year. Columbia also has in development Blankman, a superhero spoof, costarring Wayans and his big brother, ILC host Keenen Ivory Wayans. "Keenen is very supportive of Damon."" says Gold. who also manages Keenen. "If Damon ends up staying. Keenen will be thrilled. But if he goes, Keenen feels the show is strong enough to survive without him."


Say farewell to big-chested movie stars—at least the ones who weren't born that way .

Flat appears to be back in Hollywood, thanks to the silicone scare that culminated last month with the Food and Drug Administration's call for a moratorium on silicone-filled breast implants.

Three of Los Angeles' best-known plastic surgeons—Drs. Harvey Zarem, Lawrence Birnbaum and Frederic Corbin, who have filled thousands of breasts—tell us that even prior to the FDA's action, requests for silicone implants ("for cosmetic augmentation, as opposed to reconstructive," stresses Birnbaum) were down between 80 and 95 percent at their offices.


Faye Dunaway is joining the celeb autobiography sweepstakes. Simon & Schuster editor-in-chief Michael Korda confirms that he has signed the actress to a book deal and that he expects her to be "very frank, real and strong" about her recollections.

Dunaway, 51, ought to have great recollections, given her longtime affair with Marcello Mastroianni and her marriages to rock star Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band and celebrity photographer Terry O'Neill.