EDDIE MURPHY: BYE, BYE BACHELORHOOD? [P] We hear that Eddie Murphy is saying that he and girlfriend Nicole Mitchell, a model, are expecting their second child later this year. (Daughter Bria is 2 years old.) [P] The really big news: Eddie and Nicole are getting married. Our source says the couple plan to walk down the aisle in 1993, after the baby is born. [P] Murphy's rep Terrie Williams declined comment. [P] [CELEBRITY_LINK "DEMI MOORE"] SKIPS A TEST [P] What did [CELEBRITY_LINK "Nicole Kidman"], Isabel Adjani and Lolita Davidovich want that [CELEBRITY_LINK "Demi Moore"] got? Answer: The lead female role in director Adrian [Fatal Attraction) Lyne's upcoming sexy romance, Indecent Proposal. [P] A studio source says that Kidman, Adjani, Davidovich and others all performed screen tests in hopes of landing the part of a wife who accepts an indecent proposal to the tune of $1 million. [P] Moore, however, did not have to submit to a test. "Demi read for the role," says the source, "but in her case there was no need to ask for a screen test afterward because everyone knew immediately she was the one." [P] ROSEANNE ARNOLD: STORK ASSIST [P] Start shopping for a get-well-soon card to send to Roseanne Arnold. If all things go as planned, she will enter a hospital next month to have her fallopian tubes untied, a procedure that would allow for the possibility of conceiving a child with husband Tom Arnold. (Roseanne, 39, already has three children, now teenagers, from her first marriage, to ex-postal worker Bill Pentland, plus an adult daughter who was born out of wedlock.) [P] Roseanne has said repeatedly that she and Arnold want to have a baby, and she has recently dropped about 60 lbs. on the advice of her doctor in preparation for becoming pregnant. [P] A Los Angeles fertility specialist, Dr. Andrea Stein, says, "In the absence of other tubal problems, there is a 50 to 75 percent success rate for this procedure." [P] LEA THOMPSON COULDN'T STOMACH THE LOVE SCENES [P] In the new black comedy about doctors in a VA hospital, Article 99, Kiefer Sutherland's character repeatedly makes passes at Lea Thompson's character, yet we never see the two lock lips. [P] Could that be because Thompson's husband, Howard Deutch, was the film's director? [P] Not quite, says Thompson. She tells us that there were love scenes between her character and Kiefer's in the script, but the scenes were taken out because she was seven months pregnant by the time the movie was shot early in 1991. (Thompson's daughter, Madeline Deutch, will turn 1 on March 23.) [P] "I was pretty fat," says Thompson. "I was big.... [P] I wouldn't have been a good nude scene." [P] The actress says she ran into Sutherland and another 99 costar, Ray Liotta, at a screening of the movie earlier this month in Manhattan. "No one recognized me," she jokes. "Kiefer and Ray were like, 'Oh, Lea, you have a body!' " [P]