DIANNE BRILL KNOWS A THING OK TWO about making an entrance. With her D-cup, push-up bras, platinum hair, sprayed-on stretch pants and five-inch heels, she hardly needs to fall back on technique to be noticed. Yet the self-proclaimed Queen of Babedom (Wayne! Garth! Are you listening?) has honed the tactic she calls "blanket-flirt" into an art form, expounded in her tongue-in-cheek book, Boobs, Boys, and High Heels or How to Gel Dressed in Just Under Six Hours. [P] "Women who don't find the spiritual bond of babedom are going to be lonely people," says Brill, 31. Her flirting orders: "Pause at the doorway. Plant a 'whipped-cream-covered-thought' smile on your face. Scan the room from left to right and then go in. Automatically you flirt with 100 percent of the room!" [P] Boobs, called by the Los Angeles Times a "manifesto for feminist femmes fatales," came naturally to the Racine, Wis., native, known in the '80s as Manhattan's Downtown Diva for showing up in all the right places, often in a rubber dress. She has since dieted her 43-29-42 figure down to a less audacious 39-23-39 and has settled down in the East Village with fiancé Peter Voelkle, 32, a German animated-film producer, and their 10-month-old son, Keenan. [P] "Women would come up to me and say, 'I wish I had the confidence to be like you,' " says Brill. "And I'd tell them, 'You do have the confidence.' Most people don't understand that there's LG [LB]Love God or Goddess[RB] potential in everyone." [P] Advising wannababes to "always overdress" and "buy your sweaters in the children's department," Brill believes that "somewhere between Twiggy and me, you are going to find the you of the moment and your GG [Great Guy| will respond. So get out there and enjoy your babedom!" [P]