PBS(Mon., Aug. 13, 10 P.M. ET)


Here the viewer gets to meet men and women who fight fires in a sometimes thought-provoking, often pointless documentary filmed in Philadelphia.

If there is a "too many cooks" feel, it is because no fewer than nine producers worked on the program's various segments, which look at, among other things, a typical fire-fighter's day. It also offers glimpses of the fire-fighters' training and documents a therapy session for dealing with the horrors of the job. The segment profiling one of Philadelphia's few women fire fighters could have carried an entire hour. Another well-photographed segment gives a feeling of what it might be like to ride on a fire truck zooming through traffic. But with the exception of the fire fighter who says, with gusto, that "fighting fires is almost sexual in a way," not a lot here generates either heat or light.