A charming spin-off tale of boyhood misadventures, this animated tape is also noteworthy for a breezy sound track and such witty touches as putting Pinocchio's dad, Geppetto, in an ill-fitting Beatle wig. The town rascals have their avaricious eyes on Pinocchio, whom they hope to sell as a Christmas toy. Meanwhile, joining a puppet show to earn money for Geppetto's Christmas present, Pinocchio falls head over strings for a blond marionette. A blue fairy and another one of those rich men who need to be taught the meaning of Christmas also appear; Pinocchio, of course, struggles with his chronic tendency to embroider the truth. This tape, made for TV in 1980, was written by Romeo Muller and features the voices of George S. Irving and Alan King. It is both engaging for kids and more than tolerable for their parents. (Vestron, $19.98; 203-978-5568)

  • Contributors:
  • Susan Toepfer,
  • Ralph Novak.