Sandy Duncan chirps away as a suburban mom in this kids tape that looks as if it had been shot in a garage—with a script taken from an oil filter carton.

Approaching the festive holiday season with a funereal tone, the famed tenor left all his noted warmth in the locker room this time.

That other famous Italian singer, Madonna, shows plenty of warmth—heat, actually—but unhappily slobbers it all over a teen-age dancer in this concert tape.

A question arises after seeing this leap-after-leap-after-leap approach to wildlife photography: Why would any respectable dolphin want to commune with any of us?

Taking the VCR in his own defense, the New York subway shooter just rambles on in a trivializing approach to a serious subject.

Can the sweet actress who cooed Tammy have grown into this middle-aged woman? Yep, it's Debbie Reynolds, flogging some showbiz couples through a workout tape and making semi-sexy remarks.

To judge from this perfunctory look at a great American institution, the history of shuffle-board would reflect more drama and sense of tradition—and how about that great rivalry between Golden Acres Estates and Sunny Years Gardens, Curt?

Let's think positively about hypnotizing Dick Sutphen, host of this tape of airball theories, into admitting that in a former life he was a used self-help theory peddler and is paying the price, karma-wise.

Wildly expensive and dizzyingly superficial, this "videozine" about those who design and wear fancy duds makes Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous seem like a scholarly analysis.

Those annoyed when California is portrayed as a flake pit will want to visit Marin County to thank the creators of this tape about astral bodies, breathing through the top of the head and other exotic phenomena for their work on behalf of a more thoughtful state image.