by P.S. Mueller

P.S., he doesn't love us. To judge from this wicked, sly, guffaw-full book of cartoon panels, the Madison, Wis-based Mueller has a low view of his fellow man, tends to take life as seriously as most people take malted-milk balls and generally seems to be an odds-on favorite for the title of Mr. Misanthropy U.S.A. the next time that pageant comes up. One typical drawing, captioned THE FILING CABINET OF THE GODS, shows a cabinet with three drawers—one labeled LIFE, one labeled DEATH and the other one MISC. In another cartoon, a man says, "Just a shred, please" as he sidles up to a street vendor who is selling from a cart labeled INTEGRITY. Then there's the cowboy under the Caption SELF-DOUBT IN THE OLD WEST sitting curled up in the middle of the wilderness thinking, "Mebbe I should be fenced in!" Not all of these drawings are devoted to such around-the-bend philosophizing. Some, such as a ferocious-looking parrot shouting, "Polly wants it all!!!" to its master, tend to be on the basically silly side. Almost every one of these 104 drawings is worth at least a minor snicker, however. And Mueller seems more than funny enough to warrant searching out his work in the future even though it usually appears in such out-of-the-way places as the magazine Vancouver's Business Report, the comic Death Rattle and such newspapers as the Easy Reader of Hermosa Beach, Calif., and Window in Terre Haute, Ind. (Meadow-brook, paper, $4.95)

  • Contributors:
  • Leah Rozen,
  • Patricia Kornberg,
  • Ralph Novak,
  • Lorenzo Carcaterra.