KISS AND MAKEUP [BR] To hear Jim Brown tell it in his forthcoming autobiography, Out of Bounds (written with Steve Delsohn), he could have completed more passes than Joe Montana if timing and hair spray hadn't gotten in the way. The former football star turned movie star claims Jacqueline Bisset was so taken with him when they made The Grasshopper in 1969 that she had to call on Brown to save her from herself. He says she told him, "Jim, you know I could be attracted to you, you know that. But I have a man [LB]actor Michael Sarrazin[RB] that I love. So please don't put any pressure on me." Jim says that while doing a love scene with Raquel Welch during the 1969 film 100 Rifles, "I kissed Raquel's ear, and her body jumped. Hmmmmm. I stuck my tongue in softly. Raquel started heating up, so did the scene.... We took another break [and Raquel) said, 'Jim, if you don't mind, please don't stick your tongue in my ear....It'll mess up my makeup.' " [P] WHO'S A DIRTY RAT? [BR] If nothing else good comes out of Fox's $40 million The Abyss, which has been doing well at the box office, a love affair has certainly surfaced. Todd Graff, who plays Hippy, the paranoid crew member on the ship Deepcore, is now living happily in New York with his co-star Beanie, a white rat who sat on his shoulder. "Beanie and I worked together for seven months, and I just couldn't live without her," says Graff. Nor could Beanie have lived without Todd. "She would have been taken back to the pet store and fed to some snake." [P] HOLLYWOOD ROOTS [BR] Daphane (Hooperman) Ashbrook's hair color may have cost her job in Tango & Cash, the Sylvester Stallone—Kurt Russell movie now in production. Warner Bros, says that the script had the blond Ashbrook playing Sly's adopted sister but, after filming started, the powers that be all "mutually agreed" that it would be better for the plot if Sly's sis was a blood relative. Ashbrook was replaced by brunet [CELEBRITY_LINK "Teri Hatcher"] (right), who has appeared on L.A. Law and Quantum Leap. "Dying Daphane's hair wouldn't have worked because she is really too fair to be Stallone's sister," says a Warner rep. Others say Ashbrook got caught in an ego clash between producer Jon (Batman) Peters and Sly. Peters wanted her blond, Stallone said dark. Stallone's rep says Stallone had nothing to do with Ashbrook's hiring or firing. Ashbrook's manager says, "No comment." [P]