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WANT TO TALK ABOUT VIVICA A. FOX'S assets—a face and body that echo Egyptian sculpture? Be prepared for sassiness. After all, the 32-year-old actress evaded aliens in Independence Day, robbed banks in Set It Off and plays Arnold Schwarzenegger's wicked sidekick Ms. B. Haven in this summer's Batman & Robin. "They say that beauty's not always a blessing," says the 5'7" Fox. "It's important that you don't just look at me, but that you hear me." Yes, ma'am. "Vivica has a really strong, powerful attitude," notes Independence Day costar Will Smith. "Men that can handle that will find her sexy." Says Arsenio Hall, with whom she starred in his ABC sitcom: "She's a beautiful girl, but she doesn't inhale it." A glamor-puss growing up in Indianapolis, Vivica, who has a fox tattoo on her left arm, has actually toned down her act. "I used to have the concealer, the foundation," she says with a laugh. "Remember the rainbow look, like in Duran Duran days? I was Duran Duraned out!" Her flawless complexion now gets treated only with witch hazel and Philosophy moisturizer, and she stays toned to perfection in thrice-weekly workouts. "I used to never work out at all," she says. "I was like, 'Oh, I'm tall, I'm slim, I'm cool.' Then I turned 30." Still, buffed is not enough. Says the decidedly single Fox: "My mom [Everlyena, a pharmaceutical technician] used to say, 'Yes, you look good. Now move!' "