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TOM CRUISE, REPORTS COLUMNIST LIZ Smith, blew a gasket on the set of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut this spring when the finicky filmmaker ordered him to do 93 takes of one scene. The shoot took so long that costar Harvey Keitel ran into a scheduling conflict and quit, wasting six months of work. If only Cruise and Keitel had read Vincent LoBrutto's Stanley Kubrick: A Biography, they'd have been ready. LoBrutto reports that among the teeth-grinding moments inspired by Kubrick during more than 45 years in pursuit of the vision thing were:

•For a close-up of Scatman Crothers in 1980's The Shining, Kubrick shot some 130 takes one day—and didn't print any of them.

•A shot of Jack Nicholson and two costars crossing the street in The Shining took 87 takes.

•When Malcolm McDowell complained that shooting the eye-popping brainwash scene in 1971's A Clockwork Orange had scratched his cornea and temporarily blinded him in one eye, Kubrick replied, "Let's go on with the scene. I'll favor your other eye."

•Actor Patrick Magee of Barry Lyndon (1975) said, "The catch words on the set are, 'Do it faster, do it slower, do it again.' Mostly 'Do it again.' "

•Cameraman Douglas Milsome (1987's Full Metal Jacket) said with awe, "[Stanley] gives a new meaning to the word meticulous."

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