Time Out of Mind BOB DYLAN
In the beginning, it was the words; here the bard creates music of surpassing beauty. While past pronouncements of Dylan's resurgence have been wishful, this Time Out, heed the praise. (Columbia)

Sunday Morning to Saturday Night MATRACA BERG
The Grammy-nominated songwriter ("Strawberry Wine") shines on her third album. The wistful tear-inducer "Back When We Were Beautiful" was written with her grandmother in mind, and yours. (Rising Tide)

When I Was Born for the 7th Time CORNERSHOP
In the 1960s the Beatles paid homage to the sitar music of India; this inventive, pop-savvy Indo-British quintet repays respects with a Punjabi version of Lennon and McCartney's "Norwegian Wood." (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros.)

Many neo-soul singers caterwaul; Stansfield phrases. Others emote to beat the band; Stansfield intensifies feeling with her restraint. (Arista)

Travelling Without Moving JAMIROQUAI
The cat in the hats—Jason Kay—and company give Stevie Wonderous funk a rapturous, cool jazz appeal. (Work)

Spiceworld SPICE GIRLS
On their cheeky second album of the year, Britain's Fab Five show themselves to be the much-improved-material Girls. (Virgin)

Celebrating Sinatra JOE LOVANO
Cleveland's tenor-sax maestro salutes Hoboken's favorite son with dazzling, freshly imagined, mostly instrumental versions of standards Frank made famous. (Blue Note)

Melding hip-hop beats with wit and melody, she fashions one of the year's winning debuts. (EastWest)

Edgy tales of paranoia and alienation, built on a three-guitar wall of sound, are leavened by frontman Thorn Yorke's deceptively easy-listening vocals. (Capitol)

Share My World MARY J. BLIGE
On her most slickly crafted album, Blige proves her heart and soul are still in the music, securing her place atop the R&B heap. (MCA)