While reading about Sharon Stone, I had to pause frequently to throw up. Her comment that all her previous boyfriends were riding her coattails is ludicrous. Sharon should get off her high horse and realize she is not the superstar bombshell she thinks she is.
LAURA ADAMS, Huntsville, Texas

I thought you reached the zenith of optimism in your coverage of the oh-so-romantic, sure-to-last-forever marriage of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, but that was before I read of the "real connection and deep affection" of Sharon and Phil.
JEANINE LORD, Waterford, Mich.

Anyone who spends $7,000 on 70 invitations is crazy! Wonder how many of those $100 "keepsakes" ended up in the L.A. county dump?
R. ROGERS, Hartsville, S.C.

Sharon Stone looks gorgeous. It is so good to see her back onscreen, and I hope she has the happiest marriage.
VI LUONG, Honolulu

All the hand-wringing over this marriage's breakup never ceases to amaze me. I don't remember word one in condolences to the former Mrs. Mottola when Tommy dumped her for Mariah.

Poor, poor Mariah. Couldn't go out and party and live the single life. Gee, I thought when you got married you were supposed to come home to your man every night.
LISA GANZ, Valparaiso, Ind.

I have known Tommy Mottola since high school and was a bridesmaid at his 1970 wedding to my best friend Lisa—his first wife, of 20 years. Lisa is a bright, feisty, very independent lady whom Tommy never "controlled." Ms. Carey has possibly chosen to spread her wings and "fly" from Tommy because she no longer needs the man who brought her out of her cocoon.

You credit Mariah Carey with a seven-octave vocal range. When one realizes that the distance between the lowest and highest notes on the piano is about seven octaves, it is obvious no human voice could encompass such a range. One would need vocal chords stretching from one's throat to at least one's knees.

In 1971 my mother and I finagled an interview with Peggy Fleming for my school newspaper. She was in Minneapolis with an ice show, and we sneaked past security to talk her manager into a few minutes with her between skating routines. She was so gracious, kind and charming to me. My best wishes for a complete recovery go to Peggy, whose heart of gold is even more valuable than her gold medal.

Martha Stewart expecting a personal audience with Fidel Castro and the Pope? What were they going to discuss? How to make Christmas ornaments?
SUE GLOVER, Philadelphia

How did Corey Haldeman get his misleading "one bug bomb" assumption out of the reported "heavy dose of pesticides" in your article about me? In reality, I developed slowly degenerative neurological and autoimmune conditions from direct exposure to 21 bug bombs, numerous tank applications and especially from an illegal tank nozzle application directly soaking all my clothes with a combination of pesticides—this by a licensed exterminator who certainly was not a credit to his trade.

I was more than a little annoyed by the letter from Sandra Frost, who wrote that children born out of wedlock "spend 4 to 8 hours a day in daycare centers or with babysitters." Although I agree that "the two-parent family is still the best thing for a child," in this day and age even two-parent families require the use of daycare. The way I see it, placing your child in daycare so you are able to provide for that child can be a very responsible move.
MlCHELE M. FREY, San Jose, Calif.

Sandra Frost's comments about Melissa Ludtke were misinformed. The statistics she quoted referred to the children of young, uneducated single mothers. The single mothers Melissa refers to are older, responsible, educated women with professional incomes. Studies are now showing that the children of this new breed of single moms are actually entering school with higher verbal skills than children of two-parent homes. Time has proved that what children need for a healthy life is a stable environment. Time has also proved that being born to married parents doesn't necessarily provide that stability.