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Somebody pass the water pitcher. The 6'2" crooner's song stylings may be cool and elegant, but his spicy style packs more fire than a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce. The judges didn't mind sweating it out—especially model Emme, who says, "He looks so handsome, you just want to kill yourself!" The 31-year-old jazz musician and Hope Floats star manages to get the attention of men as well. "He wants to be seen," says 6'7" NBA star Kobe Bryant, who should know a thing or two about visibility. "He likes the GQ-type look." That doesn't mean Connick's afraid to improvise. "He'll do conservative and groovy," observes window dresser Simon Doonan. Designer Marc Bouwer is also wild about Harry, proclaiming: "He's modern. He's one of the best-dressed guys around."