Week of April 5-11, 1974

Ted Kennedy Jr., 12, told PEOPLE how he learned to ski again after losing a leg to cancer. Now he researches home lead hazards.

Jackie O's Bear Foot Fling
Oh, what animal magnetism! How else to explain Jacqueline Onassis's waltz with a dancing bear—well, a dancing man in a bear suit—at the Russian folk ballet Berkiozka in Paris April 8? Jackie died in May 1994 at age 64.

APRIL 7, 1974
Posh Spice

Broadway Fond of Henry's Trial Run
Henry Fonda wowed Broadway audiences with his portrayal of famed defense attorney Clarence Darrow, a performance The New York Times praised for its "urbanity, compassion and wit." Fonda died in August 1982 at age 77.

"Hooked on a Feeling," with its "ooga-chaka" chant, topped the charts for Björn Skits's pop group Blue Swede. TV's Ally McBeal danced to the tune with the Internet's Baby Cha Cha last year.

A Brave's New World
A soaring drive to Atlanta Stadium's left center field put Hank Aaron, 40, in the record books April 8 as baseball's all-time home run champ, It was the 715th homer for the Braves outfielder, putting him one ahead of Babe Ruth. Aaron, who retired in 1976 with a record total of 755, is now a team senior vice president.