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"Harrison Ford. He's intelligent, lived enough and knows what he's doing."
—actress Michael Michele

"Can I have two? Maxwell's body, Lenny Kravitz's head."
—actress Alex Kingston

"Jeff Bridges. His eyes, his hair, his voice—somebody stop me!"
—actress Gina Lee Nolin

"Lenny Kravitz. I just dig the man. He's got style. That and his music and the way he performs."
—actress Anne Heche

"Freddie Prinze Jr. He's just a boy, but I love babies. It can't be helped."
—actress/comedian Margaret Cho

"David Boreanaz [her former Buffy the Vampire Slayer costar], because he's so handsome and yet has a good sense of humor about himself."
—actress Sarah Michelle Gellar

"I just find Richard Gere very sexy. Besides, I like the fact that he's into meditation and self-improvement."
—actress Gloria Stuart

"David E. Kelley [her Ally McBeal writer-producer]. He's hot, smart and cute."
—actress Jane Krakowski

"Patrick Rafter is sexy. I like his hair, and anyone who is that talented at what he does is gorgeous to watch."
—actress Kristin Davis

"Sean Connery is very sexy. He's in good shape and he has a great brain. I think he would be very passionate."
—actress Kim Cattrall

"Benjamin Bratt. He looks like the angels just carved his butt out of a diamond. But he's also one of the most deeply spiritual human beings I've ever met in my life."
—actress Alfre Woodard

"I've always had a thing for Chris O'Donnell. I just think he's really classy and cute."
—gymnast Kerri Strug

"Al Gore, because he has integrity and he is the rare politician who actually takes a stand on what he believes."
—actress Andie MacDowell

"I just adore Denzel Washington. He gets better and better to me."
—actress Sheryl Lee Ralph

"Vince Vaughn has old-time Hollywood glamor, a cocky coolness he doesn't have to work at."
—actress Jennifer Tilly

"Dylan McDermott [her costar on ABC's The Practice]. Take a look at him sometime!"
—actress Holland Taylor

"Matthew Perry, because he seems to have kindness in his eyes, warmth in his laughter and mischief in his smile."
—former intern Monica Lewinsky

"Steve Martin. I love his hair and his sense of humor."
—Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines

"Ed Norton. His talent elevates his beauty to another level."
—actress Camryn Manheim

"Ed Burns [her real-life beau]. He's a real man, not just a pretty boy."
—actress Heather Graham

"Kevin Costner. He's got this kind of innocent thing about him, even though he might be getting into mischief."
—country singer Jo Dee Messina

"Brad Pitt. I like his mouth, his lips and his eves."-
—actress Christine Lahti

"Taye Diggs is very sexy. It's the combination of confidence and vulnerability. And oh, yeah, there's that body!"
—talk show host Leeza Gibbons

"Laurence Fishburne. It's something about the way he carries himself, the energy around him."
—actress Gillian Anderson

"Matt Damon. He gives the illusion of being amused by life."
—author Tama Janowitz

"Ricky Martin wins in my game. Need you ask why? It's the hips. It's all in the hips."
—singer Gloria Estefan