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AGE: 30

HEIGHT: 6 ft.


RESIDENCE: Manhattan

BIG BREAK: The transition, in 1999, from Wall Street Journal reporter to CNBC's Sector Watch

WHAT MADE HIS STOCK RISE: "I think the dimples are what does it," says his Journal pal Mike McCarthy. Adds CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo: "He's our Ricky Martin of business news!"

BAD HAIR DAYS: "My hair is the most annoying part of me," says Quin-tanilla. "There's a lot of it, and it's stubborn and stiff, which would come in handy if I wanted to spike it and dye it orange, but that would take away from my credibility."

FAMILY MATTERS: "The key to looking good is having a beautiful mother," says the son of divorced parents Robert, 58, a retired finance executive, and Georgia, 55, a nurse. "My mother walks into a room and you have to put on sunglasses."