Hitting a Sour Note

Jaered Andrews, 24, expelled from American Idol in January, is scheduled to make a court appearance March 14 in Hermitage, Pa. Freed on $5,000 bail since his Feb. 28 arrest, he faces an assault charge related to the Nov. 16 death of Thomas Blakely, 39, who police say fatally struck his head during a brawl with Andrews and a pal outside a bar in Farrell, Pa. (across the Ohio border from Youngstown, where the singer lives). Andrews, ironically, was celebrating his having made the cut for the show's new season. Producers have declined to explain his expulsion or comment on his legal troubles.


On the March 10 Married by America voters rejected Playboy model Denise Luna, 31, as fiancée for restaurateur Stephen Savona, 35. Just as well: Luna, it turns out, never told FOX she's already married to (but separated from) handy-man Alan Hari, 31. Luna shrugs off the match. "I don't think I was in love with him. We married in '93 and it was over as soon as I said, 'I do.' " Oh yeah? Hari says they spent six months together, then Luna dumped him while he was in Somalia with the Navy. So why endure a decade of nonmarriage? "Out of sight, out of mind, probably," he says. Now she says she'll file papers. And he won't contest.



At the March 5 conclusion of the ABC series, Alana Stewart and Robin Leach (above) hugged after a contentious week together with eight other celebrities in the Australian rain forest. But the most casual U.N. inspection would have revealed that neither had buried the hatchet. "I don't care to speak to him," says Stewart, 57, ex-model and ex-wife (Rod Stewart, George Hamilton). She says the former Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host, 61, behaved as if their Outback survival challenge was one long caviar dream: "All he did was lie on his cot all day, ordering everyone else around. He was tedious and pompous." Good with poison darts, though. In an e-mail sent out to friends after the show, Leach called Stewart a "whining hypochondriac who never lifted a finger to help with anything." Leach tells PEOPLE: "Don't for one minute think it was just me that had issues with Alana."

At least the winner, anointed by phone-in voters, isn't whining. Choreographer Cris Judd (below) did dish a little in the finale, talking about the first time he kissed ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. (Awww!) "I'm thrilled to win," says Judd, 33, who donated his $200,000 prize to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. "But I've had my fill of reality shows." So has Stewart: "Critters are easy. People are more difficult."