AGE: 25
ACTOR/MODEL: Seen on the pages of British GQ and in Abercrombie & Fitch campaigns, acting is his new focus

Growing up away from the Hollywood scene in Rome with his mother, former Bond girl Ursula Andress, he has a serious streak.

•A graduate of Princeton, he's got smarts to match his cheekbones. "I wanted to do my own thing and studied sciences and philosophy." He has his own philosophy when it comes to being sexy. "Some people think the sexy, handsome man label is a curse. It's an opportunity."

•"At this point, I'd be proud to emulate my father," he says of his interest in acting. "I did a movie in Italy, but I wanted to become more serious. I am much more committed to acting, studying, doing the Method." Any aspirations to Sexiest Man Alive? "Let's just say I am up-and-coming, and we can all reach for the stars."


AGE: 19
ACTOR: He's studying at London's prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama

Portrait of a young artist: His flat in London's rough Kilburn Park is a far cry from his father's Malibu pad, but he likes it that way. "This is the way artists should live," he says. "This makes me appreciate home more." But why London when he's got a Hollywood hookup? "London is where theater started."

Performance anxiety: For his school entrance auditions, "I did a scene from Macbeth and a scene from another play where I had to get half-naked. It was my first time onstage. I did the half-naked part first and that made me feel relaxed for Macbeth afterwards."

Big dreams: "The future is an uncertain thing. But I would like to get both an Oscar and the Sexiest Man Alive title."