I had my hair chopped off. I tried to get a Jheri curl. I had a perm, and this lady tried to cut the perm out and curl the
hair and it wouldn't take. I was in high school and it was the wrong time to be doing something like that
—Queen Latifah

I don't really mess with my hair a lot. The easiest thing is just to shove it in a ponytail.
—Alicia Silverstone

I got a weave in L.A. and stayed up all night before an awards show getting it done. By the time I got off the plane in Miami the entire weave had fallen out and I had four strands of hair on my head.
—Golden Brooks

The best compliment and the worst insult I've gotten on my hair are the same question: "Girl, is that a weave?" It all depends on the tone it's asked in.
—Sherri Shepherd

I don't have bad hair days. I just name it a new style!
—Alfre Woodard

I did have one bad hair day. That's when I started wearing hats all the time, and now I don't trust my hair at all. —Barbershop's Cedric the Entertainer
Barbershop's Cedric the Entertainer

I have faced curly hair prejudice! Sometimes it gets a little frizzy because of the weather or the products on it. All I can do is put more product on it.
—Andie MacDowell

...and a good hair day?
That was not a wig [in the film]. Those were hair extensions. My wife did find it sexy, actually. She loved it. I kept them in for a month.
—Kevin Bacon