Tour d'Amour
Reps for rocker Sheryl Crow, 41, and cyclist Lance Armstrong, 32, have no comment on reports of a romance, but their clients' actions after the Nov. 5 Country Music Association Awards in Nashville spoke louder than words. After her performance, Crow—who's joked she'd like to marry "a nice southern boy"—met up with Austin, Texas, resident Armstrong at a bash at Nashville's Acorn restaurant. "They were slow-dancing," says one observer. And spotted, adds another, "engaging in a big old smooch."


The Prince and I
TV reporter Letizia Ortiz, 31, is a commoner. A divorcée. And—surprise!—the future Queen of Spain. Ex-playboy Crown Prince Felipe, 35, was thrilled to announce his summer nuptials—and, he said, "how in love I am with Letizia."


Ringing detective
Sober aril settling down: Robert Downey Jr., 38, proposed last weekend to Gothika producer Susan Levin, who wore her engagement ring to the Nov, 10 Singing Detective premiere in London.


Rolling Stone
Sharon Stone went to the L.A. Matrix premiere with her Catwoman costar Lambert Wilson (left) and to a party after the Country Music Association Awards with lawyer Bernie Cahill—also her date at a Manhattan awards show (above). But both guys are pals, says a source. Which leaves Stone, 45, with what she calls the best—and worst—part of single life: "Room to roll over."