Best in Show

The sitcom's strong, hilarious fifth season is recapped in this satisfying collection, which features an illuminating behind-the-scenes documentary about a typical week on the set. But the main attraction is still watching Monica and Chandler begin dating, Phoebe giving birth to triplets and Ross getting married...twice.

Keeping up with the Joneses is more entertaining than ever with this boxed set of all three Indy films plus a fourth disc that includes fun trivia (Kate Capshaw says she needed medication before letting bugs crawl all over her in Temple of Doom) and screen tests by Indy wannabes Tom Selleck and Tim Matheson.

In the classic sitcom's brief-but-fun debut season (there were only six episodes), Jack didn't come and knock on Janet and Chrissy's door: He first surfaced in their bathtub after a party. Proceeds will benefit United Cerebral Palsy, the late John Ritter's favorite cause.

The cult-favorite '70s sci-fi show returns in a deluxe edition. Documentaries highlight the perils of being a Battlestar stuntman dressed in a vision-impairing Cylon outfit.

Sometimes more is more, as the fascinating saga of Middle Earth expands to include an extended version enriched by 43 minutes of wonderful new footage. The set also contains six hours of documentaries, a bonus DVD on Ring collectibles, four commentaries and a precioussss Gollum sculpture.

The DVD version of this delightful swashbuckling blockbuster boasts two discs filled with treasure, including a commentary by Johnny Depp and a flashback to the namesake ride's 1968 opening at Disneyland.

Following a memorable debut season, Jennifer Garner topped herself with year two's spy-jinks, as she coped with the reappearance of mom Lena Olin. The set's special features are stellar, with a close-up look at one of TV's best-ever fight sequences, from last May's season finale.

Perfect your Tony Montana impersonation ("Say hello to my little friend!") with this two-disc 20th-anniversary edition of the Al Pacino drama, which contains a humorous look at how the graphic film was trimmed for TV. The set includes a DVD of the 1932 original Scarface and comes in an appropriately over-the-top faux-alligator-skin case.

This exhaustive nine-disc collection contains the original and extended director's versions of all four Alien films plus insightful documentaries, which make this the year's most comprehensive DVD release.

HBO's acclaimed Mob drama returns in March, but last season's run is well worth watching again, including the infamous episode in which Ralphie loses his temper, and then his head.

Hail to the chief! That would be West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, who after departing the NBC drama last May returns to provide five commentaries for this collection of Wing's brilliant first—and still best—season.

If you missed this small film about a 12-year-old New Zealand girl (Keisha Castle-Hughes) trying to fulfill her destiny as leader of her Maori village, here's your chance to see this summer's most stirring drama. A bonus featurette sheds light on the film's simple yet stunning whale effects.

Sci Fi Channel's gripping 10-part miniseries—examining four generations of alien encounters—deservedly took home an Emmy. Bonuses include an interview with executive producer Spielberg.

The best superhero film and sequel combo since the first two Supermans, X-Men and X2: X-Men United manage to be both action-packed and thoughtful. One standout among the set's many special features: a time-lapse sequence of Alan Cumming's four-hour makeup process, as he morphs into X2's blue-skinned Nightcrawler.

Launching one successful series spin-off is tough enough, but thanks to SVU and CI, the Law & Order franchise has managed to go two for two. Find out how they pulled it off by revisiting the solid debut seasons of both series.

Relive Chevy Chase's wacky trips down the holiday road with this set of all four Vacation films. Features include commentaries by Chase and the ever-changing cast members who made up his family.

>Virgin Pulse Portable TV/DVD Player

Who says home theater has to stay in the home? This sleek TV-and-DVD combo unit ($499.99) boasts a 10.4-in flat screen and stereo speakers but sits only 15.2-in tall and weighs a manageable 13 lbs. While most portable players are hampered by their laptop-like setup, the Virgin Pulse's design allows you to mount it on a wall, stand it on a counter-top or hang its optional carrying case ($49.99) on a car seat to help parents weather those long holiday trips with the kids in the backseat. Run out of DVDs to watch? The unit is also cable-, satellite-and antenna-ready, has a digital AM-FM radio and plays CDs and MP3s. Available at Target and Virgin Megastores.

>Caddyshack An unexpected classic. Bill Murray is probably the greatest groundskeeper ever. From a Latino, that is the highest accolade.

Richard Pryor Live in Concert Best live recording of any stand-up performance. If you can be funny wearing silver shoes...brilliant!

Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke Cheech and Chong are the Laurel and Hardy of my generation.