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He devours classic movies like 12 Angry Men. He's a pro at interviews. He gives adults advice about punk-rock CDs. Could the self-assured Radcliffe, 14, be the next Ron Howard? Besides acting in the fourth film (beyond that, "we'll have to see"), he says he's interested in writing and starting a band. And dealing with adolescence? "I'm just going through what every other teenager goes through," he says, "but with posters."


"My friends don't think I've changed," Grint told the Los Angeles Times. Perhaps not on the inside, but the actor, 15, now sports a shaggy mane ("I just sort of left it, and it grew," he says; and yes, pals call him Carrot Top), hipster duds and a touch of rebel spirit. He describes missing school as "a bonus" (all three young stars are tutored on the set) and blew some of his Potter paycheck on "one of those cool quad bikes." However, some things never change. "When I was a kid I wanted to be an ice-cream man," says Grint. "That still seems like a cool job."


In Azkaban, know-it-all Hermione "comes into her own," Watson says. "You see a different side to her." The same goes for Watson, 14, who had a sign reading Beware: Babe Inside on her Potter dressing-room door and has conjured up some sharp red-carpet outfits. "It's a bit all over the place," she says of her evolving style, adding, "I feel like a movie star maybe two or three days a year."


Famously private Potter author J.K. Rowling discusses her home life, her childhood and fan rumors on her newly revamped Web site, Some revelations:

•Book 6 is "well under way" says the mom of 1-year-old David. Rowling (who is married to Neil Murray and has a daughter, Jessica, 9) began writing Book 6 before David's birth, but "took a bit of a break during the serious sleep-deprivation phase of his babyhood."

•On Potter chatroom lingo: "I would like to take this opportunity to say that the practice of calling Lord Voldemort 'Voldie' must stop."

•On rumors that Voldemort is Harry's real father: "No, no, no, no, no. You lot have been watching much too much Star Wars."

•On the rumor that her post-Potter plans include a book on Harry's parents: "Once again, too much Star Wars can do this to a person. No prequels are planned."

•She shows her first rejection letter: "I am sorry but my client list is full. P.S. The folder you sent would not fit in the envelope."