What's On This Week



9 P.M. | HBO
Wrapup for the sex-soaked yet somber drama about couples in counseling. (It's renewed.) Jane Alexander has a great, shattering scene.


9:32 P.M. | ABC
Amnesiac Samantha (Christina Applegate) bonds with her dad (Kevin Dunn). One of the fall's few deserved hits—an Oliver Sacks case as sitcom.


8 P.M. | FOX
A high-school class digs up a time capsule 20 years later and finds that it holds the corpse of a geeky student no one really liked. Unpopularity is the worst.



10 P.M. | BRAVO
Tim Gunn is back, treading around a new season of design hopefuls with hushed velvet calm: His temperament must be one of the few constants in the fashion world. The overall professional quality of the contestants continues to rise, but the most endearing personality in the premiere is Elisa, who got her start dressing marionettes. Imagine Pinocchio in couture! (For more Runway buzz, turn the page.)


Strange comic fantasy with Molly Shannon as a harried working mom who splits into multiple versions to better manage her life. She's funniest vamping it up to seduce her husband (Steven Weber).

The Anti-Rosies


Blood-pressure readings must be down at The View: After Rosie O'Donnell's emotionally roiled tenure, this season's new cohosts seem to want nothing more than to hang on to a nice gig and keep viewers happy. It's like two Fords after one Nixon. Whoopi Goldberg is so mellow she can seem drowsy, but she throws out droll bits that are close to acting—I liked her impersonation of her cat—and she was the one lady who showed any sense when a spider crawled on the table. She scooped it up with an index card and handed it to the crew. Sherri Shepherd makes endless jokes about her top-heavy cleavage, but her delivery—and great, unforced laugh—is much lighter than her material.

BEST HAIR: CHRISTIAN, 22 This prodigy is just as fierce as his elders—especially when it comes to his do. "I have what is called a bi-level haircut.... I call it 'Bird of Paradise,'" says the former salon employee and Halloween fanatic. As a kid, "I was 10 different things every year. It was a runway, let me tell you!"

THE PRO: RAMI, 31 He's already got a luxe line, Rami Kashou—Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez are fans—and recently dressed Dita Von Teese. "She's my style idol right now. She's flawless!"

BEST DUAL PERSONALITY: SWEET P, 46 A former member of the all-girl motorcycle club Hells Belles ("I used to like to ride in dresses and heels!"), she has an alter ego she calls "Mean P" tattooed on her arm. "A lot of people don't know that side," she says. Her secret weapon? Last season's winner, Jeffrey Sebelia, is her longtime pal. "He inspired me to audition," she says. "We're really good friends. I love him. Despite making [contestant] Angela's mom cry, he's a great guy!"

THE HOTTIE WITH THE CONTROVERSY: JACK, 38 There's already buzz about him leaving the show early (teasers show him making a teary announcement). Until then, he'll keep people talking: He's HIV-positive ("If everyone were positive and open about it, the stigma would be gone"), and he has a cameo in the Sex and the City movie. Oh, and he's got a killer body. "I show some T&A," jokes the former swimming champ. "Whatever gets me to Bryant Park. I'll be naked!"

MOST LIKELY TO CHOKE UP ON CAMERA: RICKY, 35 You won't miss it when this guy's having a moment. "Can't really turn that off," says this season's heart-on-his-sleeve designer. "Wish that I could!" You also can't ignore his signature accessory. "I'm really into my hats. I don't know what it is—a disguise, maybe." Not surprising given his tight quarters growing up: He and his 13 siblings lived in a two-bedroom apartment. "I've really learned," he says, "to appreciate my personal space."

THE ONE WHO'S OUT THERE: ELISA, 42 She's earthy, quirky and, as one contestant calls it, "a little strange." But this designer is looking at the bigger picture: While working in London three years ago, she was hit by a car and "had a near-death experience," she says. "I got killed—dead for a little bit. I was in a coma for five days." Fully recovered for Runway, she focused on the lighter side of making it work. Of all the contestants in the work room this season, "I am most likely," she says, "to giggle uncontrollably."


DEAN CAIN is a grief-stricken father on CSI: Miami (CBS, Nov. 12). Leslie Hope (24) plays the mother.

RACHEL BILSON (The O.C.) is a potential love interest on two episodes of Chuck (NBC, Nov. 12-19).

EDIE FALCO has a three-episode role as a Democratic Congresswoman who catches the eye of Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock (NBC, Nov. 15).

JENNY MCCARTHY turns up as the daughter of Holland Taylor's fiancé (Robert Wagner, another guest) on Two and a Half Men (CBS, Nov. 19).

RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN is Felicity Huffman's stepfather on Desperate Housewives (ABC, Nov. 25).

HEIDI KLUM and a fleet of Victoria's Secret models pretty up How I Met Your Mother (CBS, Nov. 26).

• The former Everwood star, 21, grows into her role as the illegitimate sibling on the ABC drama.

ON HER OWN FAMILY It's odd for me to be playing the lonely child because it's always been a full house for me. I'm the third of four girls, and I was the youngest until I was 6 years old, so I had none of those Jan Brady middle-child experiences. But my family always called me the odd one—the oddball of the family. I have always been a little bit stranger than the rest of my family, doing crazy things.

ON JOINING THE ENSEMBLE It really was like walking into a family. They've all been close since the beginning, and it was an intimidating experience. But I feel like I'm fitting in a lot more and feel more confident. They call me the rookie. As the new girl, I certainly had to suck it up and take a little bit of teasing. Luckily [costar] Dave Annable is the target for most of them. They're quite the jokesters.

ON THOSE RUMORS THAT SHE AND DAVE ANNABLE ARE DATING We're going to keep everybody guessing! He's a great guy.

Kynt Cothron, 31, and girlfriend Vyxsin Fiala, 29, who hail from Louisville, Ky., aim to "open some minds."

DO YOU ALWAYS DRESS LIKE THIS? Kynt: This is how I look at the grocery store, yeah. Vyxsin: I haven't looked normal since middle school.

WHY JOIN THE RACE? Kynt: We're road-trip junkies. And huge fans of the show.

YOUR STRATEGY? Kynt:Other teams are thinking, "Who are those prissy little Goth kids?" They're not going to realize just how lethal we are.