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She drapes her legs over his. He caresses her back. They call each other "baby." Gushy? Oh yeah. "I love and adore this guy," says Sabrina Bryan, sitting down for an interview Nov. 5 with her Dancing with the Stars partner Mark Ballas. "He's amazing." The feeling is apparently mutual. Finally, the recently ousted pair have fessed up to the budding romance fans suspected—even if they can't exactly define their relationship at this early point. "We haven't been on a date!" says Bryan, 23. What with their Dancing schedule, there hasn't been time. "Actually," says Ballas, 21, "I'm taking her somewhere on Wednesday. It's a surprise."

The star of Disney Channel group the Cheetah Girls says she clicked with the Houston-born ballroom pro from their first rehearsal. That night they dined with Ballas's dad. "No cameras," Bryan says. "Just talking. It was awesome." Now she hangs with his blues-rock band Almost Amy, a longtime side project, and they'll both go on the Dancing tour Dec. 18. The attraction? "He's got perfect abs," Bryan says. "But Mark is one of the most genuine people I've ever come across." Ballas loves Bryan's "hot legs," but most important, he says, "We laugh together and I love to laugh."

Met on: The Bachelorette, 2002
More than 20 million viewers watched when Trista, now 35, chose Ryan, 33. The following year, cameras captured their $4 million wedding (with 30,000 roses!). And this past July, the only couple from 13 seasons of ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette to actually wed welcomed a little boy, Maxwell Alston, to their home in Vail, Colo. "This was meant to be," says Ryan's mom, Barbara.

Best Alliance

Met on: Survivor: All-Stars, 2004
A strategic partnership quickly turned into more when "Boston Rob," 31, and Brkich, 29, teamed up. After Survivor's first on-air kiss, Brkich took the $1 million top prize—and an engagement ring. They wed in 2005 and went on to compete in two seasons of The Amazing Race. But the biggest adventure lies ahead: "We definitely want a family," says Brkich. "We've been talking about it."

Met on: The Biggest Loser, 2005
Love at first sight? Not so much, these two say. When Matt, 31, and Suzy, 31, started their diet-a-thon, "I saw him at his worst," she says. "And he saw me sweating and passing gas." By the finale Matt had dropped 157 lbs. and taken the $250,000 grand prize; Suzy had dropped 95 lbs. and won Matt's heart. Married in 2006, Suzy gave birth to a son, Rex, in June.

Scandal Survivors

Met on: Skating with Celebrities, 2006
Eisler's wife, Marcia, was eight months pregnant when the former Olympian, 44, fell for partner Swanson, 37. "I'm not a homewrecker," Swanson told PEOPLE last summer. "Lloyd and Marcia were separated before I ever met him." Then in June, Swanson, mom to 9-month-old Magnus with Eisler, was arrested for allegedly assaulting Eisler's now ex-wife, but charges were later dropped.

Met on: Dancing with the Stars, 2006
Third-season runners up Lopez, 34, and Smirnoff, 29, moved in together in L.A. last spring. This season Lopez's mom, Elvia, often attended Dancing to watch Smirnoff perform with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Oddest Couple

Met on: The Surreal Life, 2005
The Brady Bunch's geeky Peter, 50, and America's Next Top Model winner, 25, wed in 2006 and costar on VH1's My Fair Brady. "Opposites can actually work together," says Knight, who's "pushing for a baby."

Met on: The Biggest Loser, 2006
Hildreth, 28, and Wolff, 27, did more than weigh in during a Sept. 4 Loser reunion show: They got engaged! "We are soul mates," says Wolff. The pair live in Omaha and plan to wed early next year.

Met on: The Bachelor , 2004
Pro fisherman Velvick, 43, proposed to Delgado, 40, with his final rose, and they've been living together ever since in Tampa. They haven't set a wedding date, but "our fairy tale has not ended," Delgado says.

Met at: A Survivor party, 2003
Champs Zohn, 34, and Morasca, 26, started dating before joining 2004's Survivor: All-Stars and now both live in New York. "We were the original Survivor couple," says Morasca. "We're like old folks now."

Together 13 Years

Met on: The Real World: San Francisco, 1994
Bonding over tragedy—castmate Pedro Zamora died of AIDS soon after the show—Ling, 39, a medical researcher, and Winick, 37, a comic-book writer, wed in 2001 and have a 2 1/2-year-old child.

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