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The pro wrestler turned actor, 35, explains the shoulder scars he got while filming The Rundown.

"I got them during a big action sequence—diving from one building to another. As I landed I was going to take out a cement pillar with my shoulder, and there were some sharp pieces that sliced me up pretty good"


The 41-year-old actor, whose big-screen romance P.S. I Love You hits theaters in December, describes how he got his cheek scar.

"About 15 years ago I was riding my motorcycle in L.A. and spotted a guy beating up his girlfriend outside a 7-Eleven. I pulled over to break it up and she coldcocked me from behind with a bottle. She wasn't grateful at all"


The 27-year-old New York Rangers hockey star talks about his lip scar.

"In 2001, during my first year with the Detroit Red Wings, I was standing in front of the net trying to score and I got hit with a slapshot"


The 32-year-old actor—currently on Nip/Tuck and filming He's Just Not That Into You—explains his forehead scar.

"I have six scars on my face. My biggest one goes from my left eyebrow to my scalp. In eighth grade a big glass lamp fell off the wall and onto my face"

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