From Hank Williams' handwritten lyrics to "Your Cheatin' Heart" to Johnny Cash's first black suit, Marty Stuart's collection of country music memorabilia is a peek into "a special part of history," says Stuart, a four-time Grammy winner himself. His exhibition "Sparkle & Twang: Marty Stuart's American Musical Odyssey" has been on display at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville and will travel to museums around the U.S. in 2008. Standouts? A fringed Patsy Cline dress made by the singer's mother and a pair of Porter Wagoner's red boots (both shown above). Says Stuart: "There's magic that occurred around these people and these objects."



1 (C3): Don't want Marty to catch a chill—we laced up his shirt's neckline a bit.
2 (C2): Speaking of necks, the one on Johnny Cash's guitar got shorter.
3 (A2): Hey, some scoundrel stole Hank Williams' hat!
4 (A2): And don't it make Hank's red tie blue.
5 (D1): Devil, if we didn't take down the hem on the blue dress.
6 ( B1): What a dummy: Someone forgot the hanger.
7 (E2): This boot was made to change colors—from white to blue.
8 (E4 to E5): And the star skedaddled off this boot.
9 (B4 ): You know what's crazy? Adding more fringe to Patsy Cline's dress.
10 (B5 to C5): Marty's blue suit lost a stripe.
11 (A2): By George, that's a photo of Mr. Strait where the Man in Black used to be.
12 (C4): Look out, Marty! The arm fell off that chair.