My 30th—I had a disco party. I wore a huge black wig and a blue-jean jumpsuit, and everyone came together and wore '70s stuff. And they all hated it.

I went to Medieval Times with two busloads of friends for my 26th. We saw a show and ate turkey on a stick. And I came home with a sword!

I had an amazing birthday last year in Dubai. There were horses on the dunes, belly dancers and fireworks—it was incredible.

It was my 8th birthday. We rented out a whole skating rink and had ice-cream cake. I remember actually saying to my mom, "This is the best birthday ever!"

A couple of years ago, when I finally got the saltwater aquarium I wanted my whole life. There have been a few deaths, but the tank as a whole is still going strong.

My 30th. I had about 400 people up at my house, and I don't remember a damned thing.

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