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10 P.M. | WE
Back to the salon chair with celebrity stylist Ellin LaVar and her charging energy. In the premiere the big tizzy is over trying out applicants for assistant. Their test is to do LaVar's hair.

9 P.M. | HGTV
Ho-ho-h-over-the-top decorations! Still, if Santa cared about style, wouldn't he make his list the tacky-or-tasteful, not the naughty-or-nice?



10 P.M. | MTV
Lauren gets an offer to go to Paris! Would MTV call the show Les Monts, then? Meanwhile Heidi and Spencer's wedding plans may kill their relationship. If so, America will not mourn.


9 P.M. | NBC
With one week to go, the five finalists look back over their pound-shedding progress. Then they're trimmed to four for the finale.


8 P.M. | ABC
An olfactory genius (Paul Reubens) tries to define the strange fragrance of Chuck (Anna Friel). Is it her state of life-in-death? The show is envelope-pushing brilliant.


8 P.M. | CBS
What a fracas when this reality show premiered! The young pioneers finish up creating their own society in Bonanza City. We look forward to Kid U.N.


9 P.M. | CBS
When you're a vampire, sometimes life gives you nothing but garlic. Mick's bud (Jason Dohring) gets attacked.

CW, Dec. 12, 9 p.m. ET

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This new reality beauty pageant, in which daughters team up with their mothers for a $100,000 top prize, has a prop I would kill for: the sparkling pair of scissors that will be used to snip off the losing duo's sashes each week. It's an inspired camp touch that also has an underlying primal suggestiveness. In the coming episodes—as the mother-daughter pairs go through swimsuit competitions together, answer questions about world hunger together and lose their tempers together—viewers will surely be wondering whether those scissors shouldn't be used to cut a few umbilical cords instead. The show promises to be undiluted, idiotic fun. In the premiere one mother and her daughter are taken aback when judge Carson Kressley questions the wisdom of the team name they've had printed on their sashes: "Silent but Deadly."

• As nurse Rose, the 31-year-old Grey's Anatomy newcomer is striking some serious sparks with Patrick Dempsey's Dr. Derek Shepherd. Keep an eye out, Meredith!

HOW ARE THINGS OVER AT SEATTLE GRACE? I'm in heaven. I was such a fan of the show. For a little while, I was just in awe of being there. Now it's my job, and that's wonderful.

AS A FAN, WERE YOU ROOTING FOR DEREK AND MEREDITH? I had been! I'm a romantic. I was like, I hope nobody else comes along! But at this point, it would be good for them to take a break, get distance, then see where they are.

AND MAYBE YOU CAN GET A MAKE-OUT SCENE WITH PATRICK DEMPSEY. I don't think my fiancé [a screenwriter] would like that! But right now, Rose and Derek are just friends. They seem to have a good rapport, and that friendship is developing. I too am unsure of where it will go; [producers] have done a good job of keeping me from knowing.

HOW IS WORKING WITH HIM? Amazing. He's terrific in every way. I've always loved him as an actor, and he's as warm and funny as he seems like he would be.

FANS DISLIKED ADDISON WHEN SHE WAS COMPETING WITH MEREDITH FOR DEREK. ARE YOU WORRIED YOU'LL BE HECKLED ON THE STREET? Not everyone's going to like me. I try not to worry about it. For now, Rose is trying to do her job and not upset anyone. I can relate!

• Trading his bone saw for an ax, the disabled doc gets to front his own band in the CBS hit's Dec. 13 episode.

HOW DID DR. ROBBINS END UP IN A BAND? Last year we were shooting yet another autopsy scene, and I just started singing the autopsy. I guess some people realized I could actually sing. I just hope me in a band isn't jumping the shark.

HAVE YOU ALWAYS ROCKED? I have been playing music since I was 8. I play guitar every day.

YOU WALK ON PROSTHETIC LEGS BECAUSE OF AN ACCIDENT. WILL THEY EVER BE SHOWN ON CSI? Maybe there will come a time that they will want me to show off my Terminator 3 legs. I must say, they are pretty cool.

>In an excellent piece of deadpan nuttiness (www.funnyordie.com/videos/56c2d6a703), a wigged James Franco (Spider-Man) and Mila Kunis (That '70s Show) replicate The Hills' Justin Bobby and Audrina on a monosyllabic date. It's a plug for striking writers—without a script, see, actors look like dorks—but Franco is funny in his own right.

• The ex-TV mobster, 41, stars as a former baseball player magically granted more time with the mom he lost in Oprah Winfrey Presents: Mitch Albom's For One More Day, on ABC Dec. 9.

WHY CHOOSE THIS ROLE? It's very juicy, a guy struggling with his fallibility. And he's much less on the fringes of society than some characters I've played.

YOUR SON VADIM IS IN THE MOVIE TOO! He got to play my character at 9. I was proud of him. He's very natural. But this industry puts you on a pedestal. Being the center of all that attention is probably not the healthiest thing for a child, so I'm wary. I'm trying to find a balance.

DO YOU MISS THE SOPRANOS? How much people were invested in the show really sunk in when people were so obsessed with the ending. The only thing I miss is the people. But Jim Gandolfini and Edie Falco live in my neighborhood. And John Ventimiglia and I have been friends since we were teenagers. So I still see a number of them; we remain close.

WHAT'S NEXT? I just started The Lovely Bones[a film based on the bestselling book about the murder of a little girl]. I'm the detective in charge of the investigation. The cast is great: Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz and Stanley Tucci. They're really heavy scenes. But I'm used to that.