He's the subject of a scathing new biography, and a pro-Scientology video he appeared in has become the butt of jokes. But Tom Cruise has clout. His outraged friends have offered to speak out—exclusively to PEOPLE.

BRUCE WILLIS: "There is no excuse for the ridicule that is being shown to Tom Cruise in the media because of his faith. Mr. Cruise deserves and is entitled to the same religious tolerance that is afforded every other religion on earth."

DEMI MOORE: "What's so difficult about allowing someone to be happy? After meeting Katie, he was sharing in an unguarded way. He's passionate; he's adventurous. Give him a break."

BEN STILLER: "Imagine having a baby and people talking about it the way they did. People lose sight of the fact that Tom Cruise is actually a person. I feel for him. What he's dealing with is rough."

JIM CARREY: "I've never known Tom to be anything but supportive, positive and honorable. Although his enthusiasm for Scientology is unsettling to some, what concerns me is not the content of this [Scientology] video, but the appetite we have to see those who've brought us so much joy held up to ridicule."

J.J. ABRAMS (producer-director): "Tom Cruise is a sweetheart. His intensity is present in everything I've seen him do, whether it is work, play, exercise, family, religion. Tom is a life zealot."

HARVEY WEINSTEIN (producer): "The Tom Cruise in the media isn't the Tom his friends know. He's the same dynamic, great guy he's always been."

Lindsay Lohan

As part of Lindsay Lohan's punishment for her second DUI arrest on July 24, the actress has been ordered to complete the California State program HAM (hospital and morgue), which "demonstrates the consequences" of drunk driving with a walk-through of the city morgue. Having served jail time—albeit 84 minutes—and done her court-ordered community service, Lohan is on the homestretch of tying up her legal woes: The 21-year-old is halfway through HAM and will complete a final four-hour class in June.


Recently engaged to Jessica Alba and with a baby on the way, Cash Warren can't contain his excitement. "I've got an amazing girl, and I'm just very excited to be starting a family together with her," Warren told Scoop Jan. 20 at a private dinner at the Hollywood Life House at Sundance. Alba, 26, jetted to the film festival to support her guy, 30, who was in town for Made in America, a documentary he produced with NBA star Baron Davis. Says Warren: "I can't even predict what I'll love about [fatherhood]; I just know I'm very lucky."


While at the Sundance Film Festival, Paris Hilton, 26, set her sights on two hunky actors: Jared Leto, 36, and ex-boyfriend Simon Rex, 33. On Jan. 18, Hilton—who was at the fest to promote her upcoming comedy The Hottie and the Nottie—stopped by Hyde Lounge at Village at the Yard, where she was ensconced in Leto's lap shortly after arriving. By 4 a.m. Hilton was hooking up with Rex at the Sundance Escape cohosted by Butter. "They were making out in front of people," says a source. "Paris didn't care who was watching."

Hot Hook-Up Alert!

Paris wasn't the only star getting cozy at Sundance. Also in Park City? Josh Hartnett, 29, and Kirsten Dunst, 25, who attended a Jan. 19 Camp Freddy performance at the Village at the Yard and then snuck off together behind the stage after the concert. "They were making out like crazy," says a source. Later on, the duo—who costarred in 1999's The Virgin Suicides—popped by the Hyde Lounge, where they danced until the wee hours of the morning.


Chris Noth's longtime girlfriend Tara Wilson gave birth Jan. 18 in Los Angeles to a boy, Orion Christopher Noth, weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz. "Chris and Tara are thrilled, and all are doing well," a rep for the actor told Scoop. Wilson met Noth while he was working at his Manhattan bar, the Cutting Room.


Yes, we're ready for something other than football—if it stars New England Patriot Tom Brady. The all-American hottie and Gisele Bündchen beau will appear in this hot new ad campaign for Stetson cologne this spring. (Before Brady, Matthew McConaughey was the fragrance's face.) Brady, 30, who had a son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in August, shot the campaign in Simi Valley, Calif. And while the steamy ad might prompt some ribbing by Pats fans, Brady says, "It allows me to present a different side of myself from the football player. I like to have a lot going on at once."


Hollywood's latest May-December relationship has gone public: Bruce Willis, 52, and Victoria's Secret model Emma Heming, 31, made their debut at the Jan. 19 screening of his film What Just Happened? at Sundance. "They were very cute together," says a source, adding they're taking it slow. "It's only been a couple of months, so it's still pretty new."


Kiefer Sutherland's days as a jailbird are over. The 24 star was released from a Glendale, Calif., jail on Jan. 21, after serving 48 days for a second DUI conviction and for violating probation. "Throughout his stay he never griped, never complained," said jail spokesman John Balian of the actor. Two days later Sutherland enjoyed a celebratory dinner with his dad, Donald, 72, at Koi restaurant in L.A. But Kiefer isn't in the clear yet: He was sentenced to five years probation and must complete an alcohol education program and attend therapy sessions for six months.

The star of the ABC Family sci-fi drama dishes about dating, memory loss and living with his costar


How did you and costar April Matson end up roommates?
[The cast] was thinking about getting some phat mansion together, but we realized ... we didn't want to live in a frat house. Me and April both have dogs, and we wanted to stick together, so we found an amazing house.

So you and April are just "housemates"?
People suspect we're dating. Who cares? Give 'em something to talk about!

Are you dating anyone?
I don't have time. I haven't been on a date in forever.

In Kyle XY, your character has lost his memory. Offscreen, how's your memory?
I have great short-term memory but terrible long-term memory. I can be flaky about calling people back. Maybe I need an assistant. I can't afford it, though.

You appeared with Mischa Barton in James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" video. What do you think of her DUI bust?
It's unfortunate. It's one of those things that was magnified because she's a celebrity. I'm not saying DUIs are okay, because I'm the first person to say, "Take a cab!"

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