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On a sunny day in the shadowless Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain, the President of the United States is gunned down just as he steps forward to announce an anti-terror summit. While the security team scrambles to pinpoint the shooter, a bomb goes off nearby—then another goes off, nearer, shattering the stage where POTUS stood. Vantage Point comes with a fractured, multiple-perspective narrative and a rather nutty confidence in its ability to put together the pieces that will explain this awful day. Key players include Dennis Quaid as a Secret Service agent still jittery after taking a prior hit for the big guy and Forest Whitaker, a tourist and camcorder enthusiast who seems to have ambled into this global event as casually as if he had just gotten off a bus at Six Flags. You might think that shootings and bombings, played out over and over from different angles, would sustain interest, but they become noisily monotonous. The movie has some good, sprinting moments toward the end—by then, Quaid has scrunched himself into a small car and is furiously chasing the killers all over town—but most of it feels like Groundhog Day for terrorists.

He can howl like Ozzy and embraces spandex. Now the star of the wacky comedy Be Kind Rewind (opening Feb. 22) bares his most intimate secrets to PEOPLE.

1. HE'S IN LOVE WITH ... "... Mac and cheese, because it's warm and gooey. I put a little ketchup in mine—it's my mac and cheese secret!"

2. HE'S A LEG MAN "When someone flexes their calf muscle, they look like a superhero to me."

3. HE'S A KIND REWINDER "Back in the day, I always rewound my videos—but I did have a problem returning them. I ended up owning a lot of movies."

In Charlie Bartlett, Davis, 43, plays a dotty society mom who spoils her drug-dealing son. But in real life she parents chem-free.

SO ARE YOU AS LOOPY A MOM AS YOUR CHARACTER? I'm the polar opposite. I'm the parent hurrying everyone out of the house in the morning, making sure their noses are wiped.

ARE YOU DOMESTIC? I'm into cooking. We bake our own bread, so we're pretty busy in the kitchen.

WHAT ARE YOUR LITTLE ONES UP TO NOW? They [Georgia, 5, and Mae, 3] have glasses on and wigs and are playing school with my husband [actor Jon Patrick Walker]. I'm at a nice phase in my life.

CHARLIE BARTLETT A contemporary cousin of Ferris Bueller's, Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) is a rich, likable teen with an entrepreneurial bent. It gets him into trouble at his new high school when he starts playing shrink to his classmates and prescribing meds. This coming-of-age comedy is deftly written and acted with Yelchin again proving he's a gifted performer and Hope Davis and Robert Downey Jr. adding to the fun. (R)

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THE COUNTERFEITERS Inspired by a true story, this absorbing, Oscar-nominated Austrian drama tells how a master forger (Karl Markovics), while a prisoner in a concentration camp, was recruited by the Nazis to make counterfeit British and U.S. currency. Although the job affords him a privileged existence by camp standards, his professional pride soon comes into conflict with a nascent sense of morality. (In German, with subtitles.) (R)

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