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Finally, a superhero who does laundry. Isn't Iron Man the guy who, wielding a souped-up small appliance at warp speed, renders a garment wrinkle-free in nanoseconds? Sadly, no. But Iron Man as he actually is—like the enjoyable popcorn movie in which he's showcased—provides an almost equally worthy service to mankind.

Like any superhero, Iron Man is out to save the world. He's the alter ego of Tony Stark (Downey Jr.), a playboy, inventor and billionaire industrialist. When Stark is captured by terrorists in Afghanistan, he whips up a suit of iron armor and busts out. Back home in Malibu, he creates a fancier, gleaming version of the suit that not only repels bullets but also allows him to fly, throw flames and other cool stuff.

Sprightly directed by Jon Favreau (Elf?), Iron Man is loaded with humor and helped by a seasoned cast—Paltrow is Stark's devoted aide, Howard a military pal and Bridges his corporate No. 2—that knows when to push the jokes and when to play it straight. Near the end, special effects take over and Iron feels like Transformers Redux but, up until then, the movie is clanking fun.

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Just to be clear: Dempsey may be the maid of honor at his female best friend's wedding, but he doesn't don a single pink tulle dress here, much less 27. Whether Tom (Dempsey) will even make it to the wedding is in question, since he hopes belatedly to convince the now engaged Hannah (Monaghan) that he's in love with her and she should marry him. Made of Honor is a serviceable romantic comedy boasting an energetic performance by Dempsey and a beguiling one from the willowy Monaghan. Though it takes the long road to get where we all know it's going and at times devolves into slapstick, Made has its moments—such as when Tom offhandedly notes that Hannah's name is a palindrome and the movie just assumes viewers are smart enough to know what that is.

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This delightful movie is devoted to the inspirational power of bad movies. Specifically, First Blood, the 1982 actionfest in which Sylvester Stallone introduced disaffected Vietnam vet John J. Rambo. A pirated copy of the film so thrills two British schoolboys of the era that they decide to make a sequel, Son of Rambow. It's a run-and-gun operation starring just the two of them until their fellow students, particularly a supercool French exchange student with a hankering to act, get wind of the project and join in. Son is by turns sunny, funny and sad and, by the end, inspiring in its own way.

>• The British actor, 20, takes a Gossip break as a menacing older brother in the '80s-themed Son of Rambow

ARE YOU AN '80s FAN? I love the '80s: the Cure, yuppies, Margaret Thatcher. I even kept some of the clothes I wore [in Rambow]. That blue Lacoste cardigan and the jeans, they're mine!

WERE YOU EVER BULLIED? I wasn't a stranger to that dynamic. My brother Will teased me and beat me up a little bit. But I got big enough to fight back.

HOPING FOR ANY GOSSIP GIRL ONSCREEN HOOKUPS? It wouldn't make sense for me to get my heart set on Chuck getting with anyone. It's not me, it's my character.

>• The ER vet, 28, now in Made of Honor, is expecting a baby girl this summer

IN ONE SCENE, YOU STRIP TO YOUR SKIVVIES. The filming coincided with my actual wedding, so being in my underwear in front of Patrick Dempsey and getting married were two huge reasons to lose weight! I became strict about food, I was running two to five miles every day and doing Pilates.

AND NOW YOU'RE PREGNANT! The whole thing's shot. I wanted strawberry milk shakes like nobody's business. I gained 15 pounds in three weeks.

DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL BE LINGERIE-READY AGAIN SOON. I'm gonna work hard. I'm not just gonna say it fell off from breastfeeding!

>• James Snyder, 27, fills Depp's dancing shoes in a Broadway musical based on the cult film Cry-Baby

HAD YOU SEEN THE 1990 MOVIE? When I got the audition, I read the [musical] script and thought, "What the heck is this?" Then I rented the movie and thought, "Ah, I get it!"

FEEL ANY PRESSURE STEPPING INTO JOHNNY DEPP'S SHOES? The role is different enough with the singing and moving. If this role does half for me what it did for him, I'm happy to walk in those shoes anytime.

HOW DOES THIS COMPARE TO BROADWAY'S HAIRSPRAY, ALSO BASED ON A JOHN WATERS FILM? I don't mind being the dirty, messy one. We're the French kiss to Hairspray's sweet little kiss on the cheek.