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Red Wine & Cheese

Age: 39

"I have decent skin and healthy hair for someone who is going to be 40 because I eat an enormous amount of dark green vegetables—I love kale—and olive oil. But I feel and look my best when I come home, make food for my husband and have a glass of wine at the end of the day. It's my time; I can relax. Plus, wine gives me rosy cheeks. And a little red wine helps keep the cheese from harming you."

Mangoes & Avocados

Age: 43

The host of Food Network's Simply Delicioso and Galavisión's Spanish-language Delicioso has a two-part recipe for looking good:

1. Eat mangoes. "It's a happy food for me: My memories of childhood in Colombia and Curaçao are of having mangoes with my parents. I always have them for breakfast and also make an amazing mango barbecue sauce. It's full of every vitamin in the book, and the antioxidants give great skin."

2. Eat—or wear—avocado. "It has the good fat: It helps your hair, nails and skin. I eat it every day." She also conditions her tresses by mashing one up and putting it in her shower cap. Says Hoffmann: "It's a natural moisturizer."

Champagne & Bonbons

Age: 41

"It's the perfect combination!" says the host of Food Network's Semi-Homemade Cooking. "Healthy is being happy, and happy is taking the time to do something special occasionally. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac—even white chocolate! You can't not be happy if you're eating chocolate. For me it's Nonnie Waller's Traditional Southern Truffles. And champagne is just a decadent, sparkly, bubbly, fantastic, sexy, chic way to pamper yourself. 'Come on over for a dinner salad' or 'Come on over for some chocolate truffles and champagne': Which invitation would you rather have?"