Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley, Skander Keynes, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell | PG |

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"Mind the gap!" is the cautionary slogan used throughout the London subway system, warning riders to take care when stepping between platforms and trains. But that same gap serves as a magical conduit in the entertaining The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It whisks the four young Pevensie siblings (Moseley, Popplewell, Keynes and Henley) from 1940s London back to the enchanted kingdom of Narnia during medieval times for further exciting adventures. Mind the gap indeed.

The Pevensie kids find the once paradisiacal Narnia in ruins. Joined by a new pal, Prince Caspian (Barnes, a brooding sort), they fight to save Narnia from the rule of the blue blood's evil uncle. This vibrant sequel tops the first Narnia movie, 2005's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; it's filled with fantastical creatures (a swashbuckling mouse, voiced by Eddie Izzard, steals the film), derring-do and relaxed humor. It drags on for one battle scene too many, but as family flicks go, Caspian is a dilly. (Note: Despite the PG rating, it's too intense for kids under 8.)

John Leguizamo, Katherine Waterson, Cynthia Nixon | R |

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The first half of this movie is both involving and disquieting, as teenage babysitter Shirley (Waterson, the talented daughter of Law & Order stalwart Sam Waterson) begins sleeping with her charge's married dad (Leguizamo). Early scenes show with delicate nuance how the relationship between the two deepens emotionally, even as he guiltily slips her cash far in excess of her hourly child-care fee. But soon Shirley turns teen madam, recruiting friends to babysit—code for sleep with—other dads. As she greedily counts her green, Babysitters devolves into salacious melodrama. That said, tyro director-writer David Ross shows promise, and I'm eager to see what Waterson does next.

He has yet to be cast as an NBA player, but there's no other role the diminutive Dinklage, who rose to stardom in 2003's The Station Agent, can't play—beautifully. His secret? Those expressive eyes, which flash sardonically as the ornery Trumpkin in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (right); with determination as a secret gay lover in Death at a Funeral; and with soulful sorrow as a caring manny in TV's Nip/Tuck.

The British actor, 44, leaves the courtroom for the India-based drama Before the Rains.

HOW WAS FILMING IN KERALA, INDIA? It's the greatest experience I've ever had filmmaking. Locals call Kerala "God's own country" due to its stunning beauty. I worked up tears when I left; it was too much to bear.

DID YOU HAVE CULTURE SHOCK? I got into eating with my hands, but the locals laughed at me because I was bad at it. Learning to scoop with your fingers doesn't feel natural.

She was Mr. Big's ex on Sex and the City and is happily raising 9-month-old John Edward Thomas (her son with ex Tom Brady). Now she's coping with a car-alarm-hating hubby (Tim Robbins) in Noise.

WHAT'S YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SOUND? Chomping or snapping on gum, and scuffing when you walk. There's nothing like a good pair of heels.


YOU'VE LIVED IN NEW YORK AND NOW L.A. DO YOU PREFER A NOISY CITY OR A QUIET ONE? I miss the noise in New York: the sound of taxis and that constant buzz the city has. I'm happy with the quiet now, though, because it means somebody's sleeping!

SPEAKING OF WHICH, HOW'S MOTHERHOOD? It's fantastic, it's changed my life, but it's changed the most amazing thing. I couldn't be happier.

The Dutch actress, 44, is best known as X-Men psychic Jean Grey. Now she plays a pool-hustling drifter in Turn the River.

SO YOU'RE NOW OFFICIALLY A POOL SHARK. I do all my own shots! You can freeze-frame the movie and see. Unfortunately I didn't get to have a pool table in my house for a year, like Paul Newman did for The Hustler. I just learned those specific shots.

DO YOU PLAY ALL THE TIME NOW? No. I'm actually intimidated by the game. I can make a few incredible shots, but if they're not set up, I can't play.

YOU WERE A HIGH-FASHION MODEL. WHAT'S IT LIKE PLAYING GAL ON THE SKIDS? I spent a couple years of my life being dressed and made up by people. I think I've been dolled up enough, so it's really fun to go the other way.

INDIANA JONES: THE ADVENTURE COLLECTION ($49.99) Here's your chance to dig deep (get it?) into the past of archaeologist Indiana Jones before he returns in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 22. The three-disc set includes 1981's rip-roaring Raiders of the Lost Ark (with Harrison Ford and Karen Allen, above) and its enjoyable '84 and '89 sequels.

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