"My horse. I was finally able to afford my own, and I got this beautiful Andalusian. She looks like a Barbie horse."

"A Nissan Pathfinder. When I first got it, I went to the grocery store and this woman, who was a lot older than me, said, 'That's a really nice car.' I felt guilty since I was so young, so I said, 'It's my parents'—they don't know I have it!'"

"A vacation to Capri with friends. I definitely owed them big-time because there are times when you perform that you don't see your friends, and they have to understand that it's not personal."

"A Maserati. I love it. I will keep it until I can't afford it anymore."

"I bought my wife a motorcycle for her birthday. That was the first splurge after Housewives."

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