Patti Smith and Debbie Harry. Now everything is so homogenized—everybody wears what's in and hip. I like their authenticity.

Gwen Stefani. She's just so bold about it. She's punk, she's glamorous, she's hip-hop and she's old-school Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez. She's an incredibly beautiful and stylish woman who takes risks. And I love that she comes from a very similar background as I do.

Keira Knightley. You can see her living in the 16th century, in Civil War time, in the 1940s or in modern day. It's an incredible feat to be that timeless.

Gwen Stefani. She has this funky style that's all hers. And I love her clothing line. I got a couple of her shoes because they actually fit me—size 11—thank you!

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