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Elton John takes a bow at New York City's Imperial Theatre Nov. 13, the opening night of Billy Elliot, a musical about a British boy who has a talent for dancing. John, 61, who scored the musical, has said about his experience, "I had never thought in a million years I'd ever be standing in Broadway and talking about something I'd written for the stage."


1. A hand is missing on the left side of the picture.
2. Elton John's right jacket sleeve is longer.
3. A strip of light in the background has been lengthened.
4. A pink flower has been added to the bouquet to John's left.
5. The boy to John's far left is missing the pom-pom from his hat.
6. The boy to John's left wearing the blue hat with white stripes is missing a button on his jacket.
7. Another boy now wears a tutu.
8. The colors of the diamond design on the shirt of a boy to John's left are inverted.