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"I think I wrote, 'May your days be filled with rainbows and sunshine.' I swear, it was something as lame as that."

"At the Toronto International Film Festival—people were jumping on the car, banging on the windows, chasing me into the hotel."

"I'm pretty sure that they thought I was somebody else. It was when I did a Coors Light commercial in college and somebody recognized me on the street."
Renée Zellweger

"It was at the first event we did as a [Party of Five] cast. We didn't know anyone was even watching the show yet. When they said our names, it sounded like the Beatles were there. Matt Fox and I were like, 'They do know we're not Luke Perry and Jason Priestley?'"

"I had just done SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. I was like, 'Really, you want my autograph?' I just couldn't believe it! I sat and talked to the guy for like five minutes."

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