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Neon Nails
Stars like Rihanna opted for Essie's electric palette, and salons couldn't keep the colors in stock.

Barack Obama Chic

Election Gear
Obama's face appeared on everything from T-shirts to ready-to-wear even before the election; afterwards, the items flew off the shelves.

Palin Glasses
Demand for the V.P. candidate's minimalist, Kazuo Kawasaki frames was "overwhelming," the manufacturer said.

Wii Fit
The calorie-burning gaming console made at-home aerobics, yoga and strength training a hit.

Boyfriend Jeans
Baggy denim became an instant must-have when Katie Holmes was seen wearing a pair said to belong to husband Tom Cruise.

Hippie Headbands
Stars like Nicole Richie modernized the '70s staple by pairing them with both jeans and evening wear.

Purity Rings
The hot new accessory for religious teens, purity rings were seen on the fingers of Jordin Sparks and the Jonas Brothers.

The Pinkberry Effect
Chains like Yolato and Red Mango followed Pinkberry's lead and swirled into ubiquity.

Frozen Yogurt Mania

Crazy High Heels
With celebs leading the pack, artistic pumps and dangerously high heels (7 inches!) were de rigueur.