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"I've been eating out less. It's inspiring me to beef up my skills in the kitchen."

"I recently bought a house, and any time I want to buy anything, I think, 'This could be a whole set of towels or an extra cushion on my bed!' I'm being very practical."

"I've been riding a bike. Trader Joe's is down the street, and normally I would hop in my car, but I'm like, 'I'm only going for a couple of items, and I need some cardio.'"

"I've never been a real big consumer anyway, so it hasn't been that hard to do. I've been trying to watch the gas when driving."

"I'm really into decoupaging, so I did some homemade [holiday] gift boxes. You don't have to buy wrapping paper; there are other, more creative things, like newspaper and magazine cut-ups."

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