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With Chris Noth gone, the crime series now alternates between Vincent D'Onofrio's Det. Robert Goren and, starting April 26, Jeff Goldblum's Zack Nichols. Goldblum last attempted a TV career with 2007's short-lived Raines, a lumpy series that attempted to showcase his fine-honed twerpiness in a whimsical film-noir fantasy. It was too much, and not enough. Here he's a good fit, a stealth oddball among the sensible department regulars. Nichols is the son of psychiatrists—which automatically makes a character suspect psychologically, if not criminally—with unexplained issues in his past. Teasing out answers in his oblique, sidelong manner, Goldblum sometimes comes close to being a more angular Columbo, except for his air of ironic detachment. D'Onofrio is, in his way, just as mannered, parsing out his sentences in exquisite mumbles. The show is such a dependable machine; it helps to have a few loose gears sending out unexpected sparks.

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As Walt White, a chemistry teacher trying to get a grip on both his cancer and a drug-dealing business, star Bryan Cranston grows more painfully edgy in the role week by week. Walt is starting to look like some deranged schmo in a graphic novel: lined forehead, stooped shoulders, two pinpoints of anger in his eyes. The season has also sharpened (and improved) the interplay between White and his "work" partner, a dim former student named Jesse (Aaron Paul). Bad is tough but also, as the indignities pile on Walt, darkly funny. Not a show for happy campers.

"He's a good fit, a stealth oddball among the department regulars"

>1 CASH CAB WEEKNIGHTS, 6:30 P.M. DISCOVERY Ben Bailey is hosting a new season of the zippy little game show that quizzes passengers in his taxi.

2 THE WITCH IS BACK MON. 4/27, 8 P.M. CW Michelle Trachtenberg (below) returns to Gossip Girl as Georgina, the girl who plagued Serana (Blake Lively). Still bad?

3 FRINGE'S SPINAL TAP TUES. 4/28, 9:01 P.M. FOX This week's fun for stalwart Olivia (Anna Torv)? Someone is draining people of their spinal fluid.

4 PRIVATE PRACTICE THURS. 4/30, 10 P.M. ABC Season finale. Addison (Kate Walsh, below) makes a romantic decision, while Violet (Amy Brenneman) may be in danger.

5 JONAS MANIA! SAT. 5/2, 8 P.M. DISNEY The Jonas Brothers get their own weekly comedy series about the adventures of superstar brothers—only their name is Lucas!

>1 HER FLAMBOYANCE She plays Jenna Maroney, a TV comedy star with no discernible sense of humor. What she has is an ego that no amount of humiliation can ever deflate. Krakowski's delivery is brittle yet brightly camp. She gives her lines the click of lacquered nails.

2 HER VOLUPTUOUSNESS The show had originally cast Tina Fey's fellow SNL alum Rachel Dratch in the part—but Dratch may have been too much like Fey. Krakowski's Jenna, with her dumb girliness, is a bigger target for Fey's dartingly smart, glamour-shy Liz.

3 HER SINGING 30 Rock gives the accomplished musical theater actress small, choice song gags. She's not Susan Boyle, but who is?

>• The actor, 54, time-travels on Lost, which airs its 100th episode on April 29. In real life he goes the distance to be with his wife, True Blood's Carrie Preston.

YOU'VE BEEN ON LOST FOR MOST OF ITS 100 EPISODES. HOW HAS FAME AFFECTED YOU? Does it help you get in places? No. It helps you get photographed buying Pepto Bismol when you haven't showered.

YOUR COSTAR JOSH HOLLOWAY HAS A NEW BABY GIRL, JAVA. WHAT KIND OF A DAD WILL HE BE? He's going to be one of the best. He is a really charming and sweet-natured Southern man. He will dote on that little girl. He's mushy enough as it is!

HOW DO YOU AND YOUR WIFE BALANCE WORK AND MARRIAGE? We do our best to be in the same place at the same time. If I have an episode off, I'll go to Los Angeles, and if she has one off, she'll come wherever I am.

WHAT ARE YOUR SUMMER PLANS? To follow Carrie around. When she has showbiz events that have nothing to do with me, I hold her coat and fetch her drinks. It's a lot of fun.