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80% SAY HOT!

MARTHA WASHINGTON re-created at 27 years old.
SOURCE: Portrait by Michael J. Deas

73% SAY NOT!

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE in his 40s, ca. 1610
SOURCE: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

92% SAY NOT!

MARY TUDOR in her 30s, ca. 1550
SOURCE: The Trustees of the 9th Duke of Buccleuch's Chattels Fund

88% SAY NOT!

MOZART 27 years old, 1783
SOURCE: Portrait discovered by Christie's

65% SAY HOT!

NEFERTITI in her 30s, ca. 1340 B.C.
SOURCE: Reanalyzed by the Imaging Sciences Institute in Berlin

62% SAY NOT!

CLEOPATRA as a teen, ca. 51 B.C.
SOURCE: Computer-generated portrait by Image Foundry Studios