"I did some telemarketing in high school for about three weeks until I thought it was horrid and had to run out of there."

"Every summer I spent painting houses was unforgettable. It was the prep work that was unforgettable. The painting was easy."

"I had to work for my dad [a celebrity photographer] every summer as a kid, and his favorite line was, 'Don't think because you're my kid you're going to get any special treatment!' I made coffee, I took out the trash, I repainted the floors, I did laundry—but I learned so much."

"When I was a kid, I'd work on my grandparents' farm [in Iowa], cultivating the beans, spraying them, killing all the weeds, which today isn't that cool."

"I worked at a snow cone place, and the person I worked for was the meanest."

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