FOX, July 28, 9 p.m. ET/PT |

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Essentially a heavyset Bachelor, Love sets up Luke Conley, a 330-lb. self-described "man of stature," in a mansion of plus-size women. The premiere commendably allows him and the ladies their dignity, and model Emme hosts in a gown of black folds that gives her the solemnity of a goddess. While Conley has the bearing of a local politician with a happy heart and honest ambition, the women are tearfully grateful for the show and tearfully hurt by how love has neglected them. After an hour, the emphasis on weight can feel monotonous—this one point of mutuality may not be enough dramatically. Otherwise, Love could be a matchup of, say, the clinically underweight or the phobic. But the show has a huge heart, and that's something.

Bravo, July 30, 10 p.m. ET |

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After the awful NYC Prep and Miami Social, Bravo finally gets back to fun city with season 2 of the happily disruptive Atlanta Housewives. Kandi Burruss, the newest wife, is sweet, upbeat and (so far) doesn't seem like a troublemaker. That leaves everyone else. The premiere's high point is Sheree's room-clearing screaming match with a party planner. The franchise's gold standard will likely remain the New Jersey series, which ended with a fight that couldn't have been more visceral if it had featured Joe Pesci in a dress. But Atlanta is fine, raucous camp.

>1 LANCE IN FRANCE! SUN 7/26, 7:30 A.M. VERSUS The Tour de France ends—will Lance Armstrong go 8-for-8?

2 THE STORM SUN 7/26, 9 P.M. NBC James Van Der Beek (left) and Luke Perry deal with a weather system gone batty. Part 2 airs Aug. 2.

3 TRUE BLOOD SUN 7/26, 9 P.M. HBO Psychic cookie Sookie hunts for a vampire. By the way, where was Anna Paquin's Emmy nomination this year?

4 JILLIAN'S BIG DECISION MON 7/27, 8 P.M. ABC The cute, winsome Bachelorette bestows her final rose. A follow-up show airs Tuesday.

5 ROYAL PAINS THURS 7/30, 10 P.M. USA Handsome Hamptons doc Mark Feuerstein treats an illustrator with a heart condition.

>• The British host and model, 25, brings her wry sensibility and style stateside in It's On with Alexa Chung.

HOW DOES HOSTING COMPARE TO MODELING? It's a nicer life. Modeling castings were boring, and everyone talked to you like a piece of s---. Now people look me in the eye.

HOW'S AMERICAN LIFE SO FAR? I thought the English were stuffy, but everyone is strict here! I get reprimanded for things I didn't know were illegal, like drinking on the street and jaywalking.

HOW IS YOUR BOYFRIEND, ARCTIC MONKEYS SINGER ALEX TURNER? We're lucky because we're not sensational and always breaking up or cheating on each other. We're quite boring!

WHAT DO YOU MISS FROM HOME? My friends. With Twitter, I sit inside reading what they're up to. It's sad, like looking through the window at a family having a lovely Christmas!