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Nicole Scherzinger

• Monokini Tucked in, because it's classier that way. • PCD belt In case you weren't sure she was a Pussycat Doll. • Plaid bloomers and black boots Inspired by Vivienne Westwood? Or pirate wenches?


• Headpiece ... or bunny ears? • Fingerless gloves Revolutionary at 25, not at 51. • Boots We're sure Jesus Luz thought they were cool. He was also in preschool when Pretty Woman came out.


• Scarf Someone call for help! A red pleather python is strangling her! • Hammer pants We just wanted to say hammer pants. • Stilettos Very cute. Too bad they're paired with hammer pants. (Ha! We said it again!)

Melody Thornton

• Retro hair Because this is how women dressed in the '20s. • Dress With a nude underlay so she could leave something to the imagination. • Lace-up stilettos To add a graceful ballerina touch.

Helena Bonham Carter

• Messy updo Yo, nestless birds—open house at Helena's! • Purse Recessionista tip: This doubles as an Easter basket. • Pink and black skirt & matching tights To quote Boomerang: You got to coordinate!

Russell Brand

• Crochet sweater Granny chic ... if you're an Olsen. • Oversize aviators Hipster chic ... if you're Paris Hilton circa 2007. • Leggings and flip-flops L.A. chic ... if you're a Hills girl getting a mani-pedi.

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