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Play Station

Choose a bedroom or playroom wall that's clean and smooth to paint your chalkboard surface. With low-adhesive Scotch Tape, attach stencils in desired shapes and paint with a soft-bristled brush or roller. Apply three coats, waiting one hour in between each. Allow to dry for 24 hours before using.

Make Dinner Special

Instead of place cards, add splash to inexpensive plastic chargers. Using a soft-bristled brush, follow the instructions for the wall (left). This is only for decorative pieces: The paint is nontoxic but not intended for use on eating surfaces.

Frame it!

A Spot to Jot

Stick painter's tape on the wall in the dimensions of a frame. Cover that space with chalkboard paint. Once dry, hang the frame over the painted area.



Want to make a statement? Pick a bold shade for a pale wall, like red on light blue. For something more subtle, try two colors in the same family, like pale yellow over medium yellow. All chalkboard paints are super-durable and will look new for years.


Find a smooth wall or surface. Because chalkboard paint handles just like regular paint, no primer is necessary. It even smooths itself out as it dries.


Wait at least 24 hours before using your chalkboard. Once fully dry, rub white chalk all over the surface to prep it for use. (Teachers do this on real chalkboards too.)


A coat of regular latex or acrylic paint will cover up your chalkboard no matter what color you use.

Label Your Garden

Forget Popsicle sticks—ID your plants and herbs directly on the pot! First, spray the inside of terra-cotta pots with Thompson's WaterSeal so moisture won't seep through when watering. Let dry, then apply spray-on black chalkboard paint.