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VIEIRA: I graduated college in 1975 and started at a radio station. I was in television by '76. I loved the '70s. It was a great time in my life. I was a major fan of Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas growing up, so to me it was like living their existence. I didn't watch that much TV in the morning when I was that age, but from my memories of the Today show I would have fit right in.

LAUER: Thirty-five years ago, I would have been 16. I remember when Hugh Downs was the host of the Today show. If your parents watched the show, then you grew up watching it. We were definitely a Today show family.

CURRY: I would never have been on the Today show 35 years ago because I'm Asian. And Al would have never been on because he's black. That's what's kind of cool about this—it's redefining what was possible then.

ROKER: I remember watching the Today show before going to class in college. I got my first job in May of '74. I remember having a JCPenney suit for $29.99. Two pairs of pants, a reversible vest and a jacket. I worked on local news, not network news, but it was fun.

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