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Age: 60. Pop star and General Hospital heartthrob, now guest-starring in Californication.


Age: 18. American Idol runner-up; his single "Crush" has sold more than 900,000 worldwide.

What are female fans throwing up onstage at you these days?

SPRINGFIELD: I don't get as many training bras as I used to get, but I'll get underwear.

ARCHULETA: They mostly respect the way I am, so they throw teddy bears. And little bracelets. But mostly just stuffed toys.

SPRINGFIELD: That doesn't stop, by the way; I still get stuffed toys.

What about fan mail—what's that like?

ARCHULETA: Most of the time, they're really nice and friendly. Even on American Idol they said my fans weren't as weird or bad as other people's. I thought that was neat.

SPRINGFIELD: I've had fans put private detectives on me to find out what I'm doing.

ARCHULETA: What? That's weird.

What was the moment like when you first realized that you were a musical idol?

SPRINGFIELD: My first thrill was playing "Jessie's Girl" live and hearing the audience react. It was at a Beach Boys show on the Fourth of July. It was wonderful. The audience started cheering as soon as we played the riff.

ARCHULETA: For me, the thrill is just that people actually like it. It's neat to see people react to your songs the same way that you would react to someone else's songs.

What was your first big purchase?

SPRINGFIELD: I was never into buying stuff. I'm not a car freak.... I just finally bought a house. I was nicknamed Scrooge.

ARCHULETA: I don't spend any money.

SPRINGFIELD: I'd rather look at the numbers piling up.

ARCHULETA: Yeah, yeah. If at some point I need that money, I'll have it there. What if an emergency came up?

SPRINGFIELD: Sensible boy.


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