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Keep mattes the same color for a unified look.

Photo Gallery

HOW TO: Put frames of various sizes and styles on a shelf, mantel or dresser, casually layering them (which adds dimension). Change things up after each family vacation.

TIP: Add another playful layer to the look with mementos or souvenirs.

Leave enough space to still prop up pillows.

Photo Headboard

HOW TO: Measure width of bed to figure out how many frames will be needed and mount frames without spaces at least two rows high.

TIP: Images with a common theme-flowers, birds-create a cohesive look.



Look for photos with emotion or a strong graphic punch. The subjects don't need to be looking straight at the camera or striking the perfect pose.


The Photoshop cropping tool makes pictures more dynamic. Try toning down the background or zooming in on a corner of a photo to create an image with more impact.


You can use both color and black-and-white pictures in the same grouping. Or turn a photo from color to black and white. Just keep mattes neutral or white so your display doesn't look too busy.

Wall of Fame

HOW TO: Start with one frame near the center of your staircase and work your way out. Done salon style, spacing doesn't have to be exact, and you can build onto your collection over time.

TIP: Since this will become a spot where everyone stops and lingers, it's the ideal place for family photos that span generations, playfully displayed with color and panache.

Try it with your concert photos!

Sweetheart Collage

HOW TO: Start in the center and work your way out until you form a heart.

TIP: Use bright pictures and combine both close-ups and distance shots, so nothing gets lost to the eye.