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The True Beauty host, 29, refuses to cut out favorites like waffle fries from her diet. "If I don't eat carbs, I get cranky," she says. Luckily her boyfriend Nick Lachey, 36, motivates her to move: "When I see him run five miles, I go to the gym." Same rule applies to splurges. "When he's watching a game and has a beer, I'm like, 'I'll have one with ya!'" she says. "It's a good balance."

Gabrielle UNION

The L.A.-based actress, 37, has no desire to be "a freak-show double zero," she says. Instead the size 6 star does at least 30 minutes of cardio three times a week so her figure remains "fit-but with boobs and a butt!" And while she worries about cellulite creeping up on her thighs, Union has no qualms about hitting up the nearest drive-through window. "I've gotten to a point where I love the skin that I'm in," she says, "so if I feel like it, I do it."


Since she's frequently photographed in a bikini, The Hills star, 25, stays "disciplined" year-round by hiking or boxing twice a week. She also drinks two wheatgrass shots per week "even though they don't taste good" and steers clear of salty snacks to avoid bikini bloat. "I've always had a good stomach," she says, "but I wish I had longer legs."


After giving birth to her son Hank Baskett IV last December, "my curves shocked me big-time," admits the E! reality star, 25. "It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the mirror. I was used to being fit and skinny. I never had to lose weight until now. I work out, but I'm not that good at dieting. But two months ago I finally stopped making excuses. I don't want anything jiggling on me. I want to wear skimpy clothes again and show off my hot little body."